Benefits of a Digital Programmable Thermostat in Las Vegas NV; Call Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning for All your HVAC Needs

There is something annoying about having to spend our hard earned dollars and some of life necessities. Buying fuel for our vehicles, insurance premiums, and utilities generally top that list. So why give more money to the energy bill than absolute necessary?

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share the benefits of installing a programmable thermostat in your home.

1. Choose your Thermostat Model of Choice. Most modern programmable thermostats come equipped with a handy digital display that is simple to read and will display the temperatures set for various times of the day. Including a convenient pre-programmable feature, many models allow to you pre-program temperatures for different times during the weekday and the weekend routine as well. With technological advances, some diverse models have WiFi which allow you the option to program your thermostat through your smart phone, tablet or computer. If you have problems remembering when to change your filters, some thermostats are ready to give you an alert to remind you to change them when the filters are in need of replacement. Finally, near every model will allow you to manually change the settings in a current situation and will not interfere with prior programmed temperatures.
2. Programmable Thermostats Save on Energy Costs. No matter the season, a programmed thermostat can help you save money, and giving less money to the utility company is always a bonus. For superior savings, you save 1-2% on every degree you cut back on during your eight hour venture at work or sleeping. That applies to both heating and cooling. During the winter months, program your thermostat to drop approximately 10 degrees while you are away or sleeping for the evening. In the warm summer months, push the A/C temperatures up 10 degrees while working or sleeping to improve your energy bill.
3. Ideal Heating and Cooling Comfort. On a traditional thermostat, many folks have to either sacrifice their cash to keep temperatures perfect, even while away so when they get home they are comfortable, or then there are other who prefer saving costs and being uncomfortable for the first hour or so when they first return. With a programmable thermostat, you don’t have to either. You can set up preferences to your schedule so you no longer have to choose to sacrifice cash or comfort.

Thermostat Reminders:

Thermostat Time Settings: Program your thermostat in a minimal of 8 hour intervals for superior comfort.
Temperature Adjustments: Always be sure to program your thermostat accordingly when at work or asleep.
Thermostat Maintenance: Thermostats need periodic battery replacements. On average, the batteries in thermostats last approximately a year. But depending on the model and brand of batteries it could vary. Generally, most models alert the tenants when the batteries are dying and are in need of replacement.
Detailed Thermostat Programming: Remember you can save 1-2% of energy cost for every degree you adjust accordingly to time of year. Be sure to fine-tune your programming to save the most cash and energy.

For all your HVAC needs, we at Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning has trained experts to make sure your system is properly maintained and cared for, and can handle any repairs or replacing all year long. Call us today!