Be Prepared for Warm Weather in Las Vegas NV; Utilize Correct Size Air Conditioner & Schedule Regular Preventive Maintenance Check Ups

It is getting to be that time of year when homeowners are beginning to crank on the air conditioner for longer than they have been the past few months. The amount of heat that hits our valley throughout the summer is sometimes record breaking and if you are not ready for it, you may find yourself sitting in a very uncomfortable home that has no cool air freely blowing through your vents. Now is the perfect time to contact Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning to inspect the condition of your air conditioning unit to make sure that your home will be as comfortable as possible this coming summer.

Don’t Purchase the Wrong Size Central Air Conditioning Unit

If your air conditioning unit is old and you are in a position to purchase a new unit just in time for summer, do not make the mistake of purchasing a unit that is the wrong size for your home. When homeowners go out shopping for a new air conditioning unit, they can easily become caught up in the “bigger is better” trap and purchase a unit that is much too large for their home. While you may think that a larger unit can only produce cooler air faster and more powerfully, this will also result in a much larger energy bill. Units that are too large for your home can result in an energy bill that is 35% higher than what you normally pay to your power company! Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning will happily assist you when choosing what unit is best for your home.

Scheduled Air Conditioner Preventive Maintenance is a Must

We live in an area where your air conditioning unit is used more often than not. Your air conditioning unit is one of the most important appliances for your home and it runs all of the time. An appliance that is used often is more likely to have issues. Parts can get worn out faster, screws can become loose and belts can dry out and break. The best way to prevent these malfunctions from happening is to hire Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning to perform regularly scheduled air conditioning maintenance checkups on your air conditioning unit. Not only will this ensure that your home is kept comfortable throughout the year, but it will also prevent any major malfunctions from happening that could end up costing you a great deal of money.

Contact Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson today to make sure that you are prepared for the heat that is fast approaching.