Bad Home AC Compressor Symptoms in Anthem, NV; Clicking Noise, Water Leaks, Poor Air Flow & More

The HVAC system is made of many components. One of these components is the compressor. The compressor undergoes a lot of stress as it is the heart of the HVAC system, which mainly acts as the primary cooling system. The compressor is a pump that moves the refrigerant throughout the air conditioning system. When the compressor goes out, the air conditioner’s heart stops beating, meaning the air conditioner loses the ability to create cool air. When the compressor goes out in the middle of summer, it can be bad news. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share the different symptoms of a failing compressor.

Air Conditioner Making Clicking Noise

When an air conditioner unit kicks on or off, it often makes some kind of noise. When a clicking or ticking sound develops, this could be a sign of problem. When the compressor is having a struggle to start up it often makes a clicking sound. This ticking sound usually means the compressor’s electrical relay is beginning to go out.

Air Conditioner Compressor Water Leaks

The compressor can develop small leaks which the refrigerant can escape from. When small puddles develop around the air conditioner, it could be the refrigerant leaking out of the compressor. HVAC refrigerant is hazardous and needs to be cleaned properly as well as the compressor repaired and refrigerant refilled. Make sure not to touch any refrigerant if it is found leaking and contact a professional HVAC technician. Typical signs of a refrigerant leak is when the air conditioner blows warm air through the registers.

Air Flow Problems

When the compressor is starting to go out, often the airflow diminishes. Since the compressor isn’t pumping enough refrigerant, the air conditioner isn’t producing very much cool air. When you notice your home is staying warm or there is less cool air flowing, have the air conditioner system checked. In many cases it is the pump. However, a bad fan motor can also produce poor airflow as well as.

AC Rattling Noise

When you hear a rattling noise coming from the air conditioner, know that it’s never a good sign. The rattling noise is often the compressor’s motor and most often it is due to a loose screw that is now rattling inside the motor. This can cause additional damages to the air conditioner. Turn off the air conditioner and have the unit looked at right away.

Clogged AC Drain Line

When you feel warm air blowing through the vents instead of cool air, this can be caused by a number of problems. One problem is when the refrigerant line develops a clog or blockage. The compressor won’t be able to suck up any of the refrigerant. The line will need to be cleared or drained of the clog. Another problem that results in warm air is low refrigerant due to a leak. Either way, you will require an HVAC technician to determine the problem and to refill, drain or clear a refrigerant line.

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The compressor is so essential to your home’s cooling system and if it fails, the entire cooling system fails too. If your HVAC system develops any symptoms of compressor failure, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.