Faulty Furnace Symptoms in Summerlin, NV; Strange Noises, Heat Not Staying On & Frequent Repairs

This is the time of year when the hotter days have waned down, the leaves have changed color, most plant life tucked itself in and temperatures are allowing for open windows. Fall is here, and with that winter will soon be approaching. Just as it is uncomfortable, and even unbearable, for you to lose your air conditioner during the summer, the same can be said for losing your heat supply in winter. Don’t wait till the dead of winter to realize your furnace is need of replacement or repair. Not when you can conduct an inspection now to see if you are good to go this winter or if you are in need of having a professional from Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning investigate any underlying problems!
Air Supply has prepared a list of failing furnace symptoms to help you detect problems early on.

How Do You Know when Your Furnace is Going Bad?

Unusual sounds are emitting from your furnace. Furnaces are not quiet by nature but they shouldn’t be shouting in protest either. If you hear any bizarre groaning, whining or banging sounds, a repair may be in order. These repairs might be to fix a loose belt, ignition problems, or component failure.
Continuous thermostat adjustments. If you are still cold after adjusting the thermostat several times, a problem is at hand. The thermostat could be to blame, however, if it is the furnace, it could mean an issue with the pilot, or leaky ducts.
Abnormal electric bill. A higher bill than usual indicates an efficiency problem. A variety of circumstances could be at fault. A professional is required to inspect for probable cause and can narrow down the issues.
Pilot light is yellow. While auditing your furnace, you may notice the pilot light is yellow and not realize there is a problem, but there is. A yellow flame is an indication that carbon monoxide could be present. If the light is yellow, get your home dwellers and pets out of the house and call for aide. Carbon monoxide is tasteless, colorless, and odorless, and can be lethal. A blue flame is normal.
Furnace is not staying on. The thermostat could be misbehaving if this a subject of concern. Wiring, pilot light or the fan motor could need repairing as well.
Abundant condensation arises. Condensation building up could also be a potential furnace issue and a professional is required to assess the problem.
Furnace age. All appliances have a life expectancy including furnaces. Furnace’s last between 10-15 years if properly maintained and cared for. If your furnace is over 15, count yourself lucky, but plan on a replacement in the near future.
Frequent furnace repairs. If in the last two years your furnace has needed multiple repairs, that indicates your furnace is near the end, and you need to plan it’s retirement.

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Should you find yourself in need of repairs or replacement on your furnace, let Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning send a qualified technician to get your furnace in working order. Our team of professionals has a number of services that assist in keeping your home functioning comfortably.