Bad Central Air Conditioner Condenser Fan Motor Symptoms in Anthem, NV; Won’t Turn On, Stop Running & More

The air conditioner’s fan motor is one of the hardest working components in an air conditioning system. The fan is the component that forces the cool air through the air ducts and into the home. When there is a problem with the fan’s motor, a number of problems can occur and mainly, a very hot house. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share how to troubleshoot a bad fan motor and when to seek professional help.

What Does an AC Fan Motor Do?

The fan motor is a common problem to occur as it is a vital component that does a lot of work. It is said that the fan’s motor is one of the hardest working components of the air conditioning system. The fan motor can overheat, develop a loose or broken belt, or even screws can come out. When any problem occurs with the fan motor, it is important to seek help from an HVAC technician. Following are some of the classic signs there is a problem with the air conditioner’s fan motor:

AC Blower Fan Won’t Turn On

One classic sign that the fan motor is not working correctly is when the air conditioner unit is on and running but the fan is not turning on. The air conditioner can still make cool air. However, without the fan motor the air will not be able to circulate throughout the home. If you can hear the air conditioning running but you do not feel any cool air coming from the air vents then the fan motor is not working. If this is the case, turn off the air conditioning system unit. A professional HVAC technician can come and repair the fan motor.

AC Condenser Fan Continuously Running

Having the opposite effect, you might notice that the fan motor will not turn off even though the air conditioner has stopped running. Luckily, the fan motor is not directly to blame. Instead, it is probably the fan motor’s relay switch. The relay switch that controls power to the fan motor may be stuck on. Relay switches often need replacements. When the fan will not turn off you may need to cut all power to the air conditioner until an HVAC technician can come and replace the relay switch.

Slow Moving Fan

As the fan begins to develop problems, one of the earlier signs is a slower rotation of the blades and as a result, you will have weak air flow. When you feel weak air flow coming from the air vents there is a problem with the fan motor. Weak air flow can be due to a failing capacitor or the motor’s bearings need to be cleaned and lucubrated.

Fan is Sporadically Running

When the fan runs sporadically, this can point to couple of problems. One reason why a fan will run sporadically or intermittently can be due to the fan motor overheating. When the motor overheats, the heat will cause the motor to switch off. Another cause for the fan to turn on and off sporadically is when there is a loose wire or electrical connection.

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When the fan motor shows any signs of failure, it is best to seek help from a professional HVAC service. For air conditioning and heating repair services and more, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.