Are Annual Gas Furnace Preventive Maintenance Inspections Really Necessary in Mountain’s Edge, NV?

As we approach winter’s onset, we must consider the state of our heating systems. A yearly inspection is in order. For many of the valley residents this will be a biannual inspection, as our heating is many times incorporated with our cooling systems. Many units incorporate gas fired heating within a roof top AC unit. Others with heat pumps and electrical resistance auxiliary heat have an incorporated system. The are however many who have separate furnaces, and these comprise usually natural gas fired units. What can we expect for either AC incorporated or standalone gas heating?

Why You Should Get Your Gas Furnace Serviced Every Year

• Proper maintenance equates to proper and efficient operation. This reduces fuel expenditure, energy waste and saves money.
• Annual attention during maintenance can extend the life your equipment by negating any damage to any vital operating component.
• Routine maintenance allows the technician or specialist to identify and address those small problems before they can progress to a major problem. Replacement and major repairs can be costly.
• Another benefit of routine maintenance visit are those concerning safety. Gas leaks can be catastrophic. Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide present clear health dangers and can be lethal.

Gas Furnace Inspection Checklist

So, what exactly goes into a heating or furnace maintenance and inspection visit by your HVAC specialist?
• These systems are vented to allow for exhaust fumes to exit the home or building. These vents need to be inspected for blockage or leaks. The flu is checked for blockage to prevent a buildup of exhaust gases that can cause your air quality to suffer.
• The heat exchanger is what passes the heat from an open flame to your homes interior air without allowing for an admixture of the two gases. These are subject to corrosion over time and can develop cracks or full separations. These components are subject to high heat, any protective coatings are burned of exposing them to humidity and leading to corrosion. Temperature fluctuations cause major expansion and contraction cycles leading to cracking and possible separation of the metal.
• Dust bunnies accumulate in the oddest places. Dirt and debris can migrate to the fan and blower gage and this area needs annual cleaning, bearings lubricated, and belts checked, replaced or tightened. Bad bearings equal higher friction and the need to burn more power to operate. This can lead to component overheating and failure.
• Blower access door can lose their seal over time due to gasket or rubber rings shrinking, cracking or failing. The access door requires checking.
• Air intakes or returns accumulate dust and other matter, filters need changing and the register and duct area should be cleaned.
• Electrical draw amperage is one the vital signs as to the health of your blower/fan motor. It must fall within the motor’s manufacturer’s specifications. Failure of this component can present a significant fire hazard.
• Burners need to be tested for proper ignition and one must not neglect testing the flame sensor. The thermocouples or flame sensors detects the flame and shuts off the gas if there is no flame.
• Electrical connections are checked for tightness.
• Thermostat calibration. Interior home comfort is dependent upon the proper operation and calibration of the thermostat. Stay comfortable and avoid inflated gas bills due to overheating.
• Testing the startup cycle is important.
• Analyze the combustion gases and compare to the furnace’s specifications.
• Check the burner making sure all those little holes are open and burning clean.
• Check for leaks, kinks and other line problems.
• Check the gas pressure to make sure there is a sufficient supply of fuel.

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