How Do Air Handling Units Work? Residential Air Handler Troubleshooting & Repairs in Sunrise Manor, NV

There are many components that make an air conditioner function accordingly. When a major part does not perform, the unit completely falls short. Minor pieces that malfunction can also slip, hindering the performance of the unit. Among the major components of the air conditioner is the air handler. We at Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning would like to take the opportunity to cover the fundamentals of the air handler.

What is an Air Handler in Your Attic?

The air handler’s purpose is to help distribute the conditioned air throughout the home or business and it works in tandem with the ductwork’s ventilation system where it connects. It is a large metal box that houses a blower, heating and cooling elements, sound attenuators, filter racks or chambers and dampers. The efficiency of the air conditioner unit is reduced because the air handler is comprised of mechanical and electrical parts that deteriorate over the course of time. Because of the nature of the air handler, you will need to give it attention from time to time and with preventative maintenance; you can minimize the need of repairs.

Air Handler Troubleshooting

There are a few things that might malfunction within the air handler, and the simple issues can be adjusted by homeowners, however some of the problematic issues will have to be dealt with a professional. Below you will find troubleshooting for the air handler.
Blower Motor Failure: A clogged filter will impact the blower motor, forcing it to quit. Excessive heat will be created because without the blower motor the dust will accumulate, which causes the motor to work harder in order to compensate for the strained system. After prolonged use under such conditions, the motor will inevitably burnout and it will require replacing. Keeping the filter replaced periodically will prevent this from occurring.
Dirt/Clogged Air Filters: The air handler suffers inadequacy if the air does not flow properly through the air handler. Avoiding potential problems down the line can be easily done by changing or cleaning the filters according to the type of filter. Having a clean air filter is important for the efficiency of your system in so many different way. If you have a hard time remembering, consider writing yourself reminder notes or invest in a digital or smart-thermostats are equipped to inform when the filter needs attention. They should be checked monthly and changed when they have collected enough debris.
Dirty/ Clogged Evaporated Coil: When there is no air filter, a dirty or clogged evaporator coils can impact the air handler. Clogged with dust and debris without an air filter the air handler parts can hinder the performance. The evaporator coils freeze and the liquid refrigerant can’t return to the compressor which reduces the unit’s cooling capacity. If the coils look frozen coils or water below the unit, turn the thermostat off for a few hours, make sure the filter is clean an intact and the coils are clean.

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