Air Handler Troubleshooting in Silverado Ranch, NV; Weak Air Flow, Dirty Evaporator Coils, Bad Blower Motor & More

The air handler is the large unit that is located inside the home and typically in the attic. Depending on the type of HVAC system you have in your home, the air handler will be a separate unit that is connected directly to the air ducts inside the home. The air handler helps to push the cool air throughout the home. When problems with the air handler occur in your home, you will begin to feel very uncomfortable. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share some of the common problems that occur in the air handler and how to correct these problems.

Air Conditioner Air Flow is Weak

One of the worst and sadly one of the most common problems that occur in the air handler is an obstruction in the air flow. When there isn’t efficient air flow, the number one culprit is very dirty air filters. When there isn’t enough air flow a number of problems can occur, and one is that your home will feel warmer than normal. Another common sign of an obstruction is an increased power bill. Luckily, obstructions are easily fixed. Simply change out the air filter. For those with the more modern thermostats, some will have a warning notice when the air filters are dirty and restricting air flow.

Dirty Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils sets inside the air handler and is essential in the creation of the cool air. The evaporator coil frequently requires cleaning as dirty, hair, and other debris can get sucked up inside the air handler and cause the coils to get very dirty. When the evaporator coils become dirty the home will feel very warm and the coils will ice up. When these two elements are present, more often than not the evaporator coils need to be cleaned again. When cleaning the coils it is strongly recommended to seek professional help. During DIY evaporator coil cleaning all too often the thin metal fins of the coils will get damaged and the air handler efficiency greatly reduces. In addition, the coils can even get dirty faster.

AC Blower Motor Not Working

Another component that resides inside the air handler is the blower and its motor. The blower and it’s motor is used in both summer and winter. The Blower’s job is to push the cooled or warmed air through the air ducts and into the home. As a result, the blower’s motor is one of the first components that will run down and require repair or replacement. When the blower motor fails often you will notice very weak air flow coming into the home or none at all. Sometimes the blower motor may even begin to make loud squealing or banging noises. When the blower motor fails, turn off the air conditioning unit and contact an HVAC repair service immediately. Avoid running the unit to prevent further problems.

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When the air handler and its primary components develop problem or fail, you will quickly notice it. When your air handler or cooling system needs timely inspection and repairs, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.