Air Ductwork Inspection

There are many aspects of a heating and air conditioning unit that can affect the productivity of the system and leave you feeling either too cold, too warm or even like you are paying way to much in energy costs. The ductwork on your unit can affect all three of these concerns. The duct work on your system will keep your home warm during the cold winter months, cool during the hot summer months and provide you with efficient productivity year round that will end up saving you some extra cash in your wallet. When a unit is improperly sealed, it will waste the conditioned air that your unit creates. This will result in poor air quality, higher utility bills, depressurization and a major downgrade in the level of comfort your family is receiving.

Ductwork Inspection

The best way to manage the proper efficiency of your air conditioning unit is to inspect the duct work. This will help to guarantee your comfort throughout the year, whether it be in the hot months of summer or the colder times of the year. It is absolutely worth your time to perform a duct work inspection on your unit. This is a simple task that takes little time and will produce big results, especially if you come across an area that needs repair. If taken care of quickly, this will instantly save you money and future time wasted on trying to figure out what exactly is going wrong with your air conditioning and heating system.

Ductwork Air Leakage

There are some studies that show that anywhere form ten to thirty percent of cool and heated air is completely wasted due to duct work leakage throughout a unit. No matter what type of structure the system is servicing; a home, business, school- it is so very important and necessary to be sure that the unit is providing the best possible output. If there is a leakage in the duct work of the system, then top performance levels will be impossible to reach. Not only will your family, tenants, employees, patients or students become uncomfortable, but poorly sealed duct work can also be a health hazard. It allows for unconditioned dirty air to be pulled back into the building structure, which can cause some serious issues for those who suffer from respiratory problems or illnesses.
If you are experiencing low output from your air conditioning and heating system or notice a sudden spike in your utility costs, you may be dealing with poor duct work sealing. Contact Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning today. Our technicians know exactly what to look for and are skilled and experienced to repair duct work properly.