Air Ducts Role in the HVAC System in Las Vegas, NV Homes & Businesses; Design, Sizing, Cleaning, Leakage Test & Sealing

Your HVAC system is made up of several primary components, the heater and air conditioner are fairly obvious, and most know the air duct system is included among other elements. But what does the air duct do? What are air duct options? Can air ducts wear and tear or be susceptible to damage? All these questions are important for every homeowner and business owner should know. Today, we at Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning would like to express some pertinent information concerning the air ducts role in your HVAC System.

HVAC Air Duct System Design, Sizing, Indoor Air Quality, Energy Efficiency & More

The air ducts contribute to 1) HVAC operating cost 2) Comfort of the building’s temperature 3) Indoor air quality for optimal health. The air duct system consists of a collection of tubes that circulates and distributes warm or cool air throughout the various rooms of the home or business. It can influence the cost of operating air conditioning or heating efficiency and health concerns of poor air from pollutants, allergens, and contaminates.
Air Duct Energy Efficiency Concerns. Air ducts play an important role when we run the air conditioning or heating appliance for the appropriate time of year. If there are major leaks in the air ducts, instead of allowing the treated air you already paid for from being delivered to the livable space, it is actually being leaked into the unused space; unfinished attics and crawl spaces for example. In addition, your heater or air conditioner is now working more feverishly and straining to compensate to make up the difference in the air that is lost to make the building the temperature you set it to be. Adding to the energy consumption and wasted air loss, without efficiently operating air ducts, you are paying more money than necessary.
Air Duct Design & Sizing for Indoor Comfort. Most are not made aware, but air ducts need to be adequately designed to handle the size of a building, whether it is a house, apartment, or commercial space. Specific designs, materials, types, insulation, and installation all play a major role in a sufficiently functioning HVAC system. If the air ducts are not up to par with the minimum requirements needed for the specifics of the building, the home or business will not be cooled or warmed accordingly and humidity levels could be influenced to make the air feel uncomfortable. With a proper air duct system, the building is kept comfortable.
Indoor Air Quality & Health. Experts are realizing the increasingly high poor indoor air quality many homes and businesses have. In some areas of the country, the indoor air quality is three times worse than the outdoor air. People with respiratory issues are usually the ones that suffer the most, with chronic allergies, excessive asthma attacks, and other related problems. With a properly installed and maintained air duct system, you and the residents can enjoy the benefits of cleaner indoor air, lower operating costs, and increased indoor comfort.

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