Air Duct Cleaning for New Homes in Sunrise Manor, NV; Remove Construction Dust, Combat Mold & More

Becoming a new homeowner is an exciting feeling that comes with a whole new list of responsibilities. Purchasing a home can leave one feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the new to do list. Getting utilities turned on, landscape cleaned up, any repairs taken care of and of course a good solid scrub down. It is important to be a bit meticulous when going over the checklist for your newly purchased home. Some aspects of your new home can cause future problems if not attended to promptly. One important task that should be included on your to do list is to have your air ducts looked at.

Air Duct Cleaning to Remove Construction Dust and Dirt

Especially if your home that you purchased is a fixer upper or has been recently refurbished, then it is most likely that there is a lot of dust and debris inside of your air ducts. Home repairs and indoor reconstruction can cause a large amount of dust and dirt to be collected in your air ducts. There are also other sources that bring dirt into your home, such as outdoor cooking, cleaning and smoking, there can still be a significant amount of buildup on your air ducts. Cleaning your air ducts out is a more involved task than just sticking your vacuum in and turning it on.

Air Duct Cleaning to Combat Mold and Mildew

There are certain situations that require a very necessary need for having your air ducts cleaned. One of those would be the presence of mold in your home. If there is visible mold growth inside of your air ducts then it is time to contact a professional. Mold spreads quickly and is a health risk to you and others living in the home. If there has been a large amount of remodeling work done to the home, then you should most definitely get your air ducts cleaned. Another situation that calls for a proper and professional air duct cleaning is the presence of insects or small animals living inside your ducts. If this is the case, it may also be necessary to contact an exterminator as well.

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Having your air ducts cleaned will improve the quality of air inside of your home. Home owners see a significant amount of improvement in air flow and air quality after having their air ducts cleaned professionally. The NADCA recommends cleaning them every three to five years to maximize your heating and air conditioning system’s life. Contact Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning to have your air ducts professionally cleaned, leaving your home with better air quality and stronger air flow.