Air Conditioning Sizing and HVAC Load Calculation in Summerlin West, NV; Oversized AC Units Cost More!

Modern day air conditioning is a much welcomed luxury we enjoy in Las Vegas, especially during the summer months where temperature can reach into the hundreds. Keeping your home cool requires an efficiently working air conditioning unit that you can rely on all summer long. The summer is the worst time to run into a problem with your air conditioning system. Being exposed to extreme temperatures all day and then walking into a warm home rather than a refreshingly cool one is a situation that no homeowner wants to experience. Regular maintenance and inspections are a great way to ensure that your air conditioning unit will last you through this summer and many more to come.

Larger Air Conditioners aren’t Always Better

While keeping up on your regular maintenance checks is an essential step to take it maintaining a reliable air conditioning unit, some homeowners tend to go a bit over board by purchasing a larger system than they need. They may think that it will never fail and pump more cool air through their home than their previous air conditioning unit. Not only is this a problem with some home owners, but it may be a problem that you have yourself but not even realize it. There are some HVAC contractors that miscalculate the HVAC load calculations of a home and put in a unit that is overkill.

HVAC Load Calculations

An HVAC load calculation requires a great deal of time and attention to detail. There is a general rule of thumb that the unit size is based on the square footage of conditioned floor area. Although there are other factors to consider, like the direction the house is facing or if the home is a one or two story house. Differences like these can change what size system your home requires to produce an efficient amount of cool air. Small differences could vary in cooling load by more than twenty five percent.

Oversized Cooling Systems Cost More

The common thought of bigger is better is not necessarily true when it comes to air conditioning units. An oversized cooling system that is the incorrect size for a home can produce negative effects. For starters, a bigger air conditioning unit is going to cost more money to install. A bigger air conditioning system will not take long to cool down a home, and so it will turn off and on again more often, this is called short cycling and can cause your system to overwork and shorten its life. Another negative of a short running time is a humid home. Because the system runs for such a short amount of time, your home will not be dehumidified, leaving your home with a muggy feeling in the air.

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If you are thinking about replacing your current air conditioning unit with a bigger one, take the proper steps to have a professional come perform an HVAC loading calculation to ensure that your home has the most efficient unit for its size. If you are unsure if your existing unit is the appropriate size for your home, contact a professional like Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning to come inspect so you will not have any future problems with your air conditioning unit. Contact Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning to take care of all your air conditioning unit needs.