Air Conditioning Gives Relief as Las Vegas has Hottest June Temperatures on Record

Las Vegas is one of the most entertaining cities to visit and summer is an excellent time to take a vacation and enjoy the Las Vegas heat. Tourists often express their surprise in just how hot Las Vegas is, not expecting the stifling heat that sometimes accompanies a walk on the strip or while lying out by the casino pool. Casinos in Las Vegas keep their indoor temperatures set at a cool 68 degrees, which makes stepping out into 110 degree plus temperatures feel like you are about to be baked in a pre heated oven. This past June was the hottest on record and no matter whether you are a tourist or resident, staying cool in Las Vegas is a must!

Staying Cool in Las Vegas

There are some great ways to stay cool in Las Vegas and avoid any ill effects of the extreme heat, making your Vegas vacation or summer break a success. Las Vegas is home to an amazing variety of insanely luxurious pools that provide impeccable services including pool side bars, giant cabanas and pool side dining. There is no better way to beat the heat than cooling off in a pool side cabana while sipping on a cool drink and ordering some lunch. If you are looking for a more family friendly environment, Las Vegas has two water parks that are sure to entertain you and your kids. Wet n Wild water park in Las Vegas and Cowabunga Bay located in Henderson, just minutes outside of Las Vegas, are both fantastic water parks that include extreme water slides, wave pools, and areas that are built specifically for the younger members of your family.

Protection from the Heat and Sun

If you are finished swimming and sliding and have a day out on the strip planned, it is important to take certain precautions to make sure you and your family stay protected from the heat and sun. Wearing sun screen is a must and it is not uncommon to see SPF 100 on the store shelf in Las Vegas. Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays will help you enjoy your downtown daytime experience. Drink plenty of water, even more water than you think you need. Dehydration occurs down on the strip more often than you would think. Tourists can get worn out pretty quickly from the sun and the extreme heat, so keep yourself properly hydrated to avoid any embarrassing fainting spells. Don’t hesitate to carry an umbrella to provide yourself with shade wherever you go. Staying in the shade will help prevent heat stroke and keep you from looking like a sweaty mess.

Living in Air Conditioned Comfort

Whether you just moved here or are a long time resident, Las Vegas is hot! When you come in from the outside, you want a cool relaxing environment to escape the desert heat. Whether you need an emergency air conditioning repair or replacement or whether you want to prevent break downs, call Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning for everything from air conditioning sales, inspections, installations, replacements, repairs, tune ups and maintenance. We are your local Las Vegas comfort specialists!

Keeping your Cool in the Desert

Keeping cool in Las Vegas is essential to have an enjoyable Vegas vacation or a comfortable daily life, so take the proper steps to ensure your time in the desert is fun, safe and cool. Whether you are taking a stroll on the strip, taking a dip in the casino pool, working hard for your family or enjoying the night out, Las Vegas is home to some of the hottest summers in the country. Air Supply Heating and Air conditioning keeps Las Vegas residents cool all summer long. Contact us for all of your air conditioning needs!