Air Conditioning Efficiency Tips to Save Energy in Aliante, NV; AC Repairs, Maintenance Tune Ups & More

The best way to stay comfortable in your home this year is to make sure your air conditioner is working effectively. An efficient AC system will also help you save money by lowering your energy bills.

How to Use Air Conditioner Effectively

1. Check the air filter on a regular basis. Checking the air filter is the easiest way to keep your air conditioner in tiptop shape. It’s also the most important thing you should do to prevent dirt from building up. Dirt buildup will create a barrier to hinder airflow to the air conditioner. Blocked or reduced air flow can cause a couple of problems. First, when an air filter is dirty, it’s like a layer of dust that blocks air from getting to the AC system. The reduced are will result in less cold air that you could be enjoying in your home. Second, restricted air flow can also cause your AC systems cold refrigerant temperature to drop. It will drop until the evaporator coils freeze and will also limit the cold air that will come into your home. Check the air filter every month or two because even a thin layer can affect airflow.
2. Clean and clean area around outdoor AC unit. The outdoor unit (or condenser) needs to be clear of any debris so it can run efficiently. The condenser takes the heat from the air in your home and pull it outside. If the condenser is dirty the heat can’t escape as quickly. This causes your system to run longer to cool your home and lead to higher energy bills. Make sure the outdoor unit isn’t blocked by furniture or plants either.
3. Have your ductwork sealed. Sealing your ductwork will save money because leaky ductwork makes the air conditioner work harder. Ductwork can be sealed using mastic sealant or metal tape to cover leaks, adding insulation around the ducts and refitting and sealing any ducts that are poorly connected to make your home more energy efficient and comfortable.
4. Have AC repairs done. Do not ignore signs that your AC isn’t working right. It can cost more money in the long run and can lead to a complete breakdown. Even if the AC is blowing cold air, strange sounds or strange smells require a call to the professionals.
5. Schedule AC maintenance once a year. Having maintenance performed on your AC system at least once a year is important if you want it to run smoothly. Regular maintenance increases the efficiency of your air conditioner to lower your energy bills and prevent a breakdown earlier than you’d like.

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The last thing you want is an AC breakdown on the hottest day of the year. Have a tune-up done in the spring before it gets too hot. Replacing an air conditioning system is not cheap. For the small amount of money it costs to schedule a professional tune-up, the return on your investment can be huge. Give Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning a call to schedule a tune-up today!