Air Conditioner Won’t Start & Other Home AC Compressor Failure Symptoms in Silverado Ranch, NV

There are a number of components of an air conditioner unit that can wear down and fail. As air conditioner’s age, it becomes more likely that components may require to be repaired or replaced. One major component that is prone to failure is the air conditioner’s compressor as it does much of the work. When a compressor begins to wear down or fail it will often give some kind of signs. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share the common symptoms of a failing compressor.

AC Compressor Won’t Start

Some of the first and most obvious signs that there is a problem with the compressor is when it wont turn on or start. You will notice that your home is hot and you never hear the air conditioner switch on. The sound you normally hear is the compressor pumping the air through the home or you will often hear the fan. When the compressor fails to turn on it can be due to a few problems. To determine why the compressor wont turn on start by turning the thermostat down really low to see if the compressor will kick on. If the compressor never turns on then most likely the compressor needs to be replaced.

Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air

When you feel warm air blowing out it can be one of two problems. One is the compressor is wearing and about to fail. Another cause for warm air to blow is a problem with the condenser. When warm air blows it could be due to the compressor failing to pump the refrigerant through the system. However, it may not be the compressors fault, if there is a leak in the refrigerant line. If it is the leak those are much easier to repair versus replacing the compressor. If you are having warm air blowing through the vent turn off the air conditioner and have it inspected by an HVAC technician.

AC Keeps Tripping Circuit Breaker

Another symptom that the compressor is failing is when your outside unit keep tripping the breaker. When a compressor is wearing down it will often overheat which causes the circuit to trip. Many people assume there is a problem in the circuit when it continues to trip. However, the circuit breaker is doing its job and the problem is often the compressor failing.

Outside AC Unit Making Loud Noises or Shaking

Often when a compressor begin to fail the outside unit or condenser may begin to shake or make loud noises. A shaky or noisy condenser is very common just before the compressor breaks down. There is a lot of strain on the condenser as the compressor fails. If the condenser begins to make noises or shake, turn off the air conditioner and have an HVAC technician inspect the condenser and compressor.

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If your home air conditioner is showing symptoms that the compressor is failing contact a professional HVAC technician. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning can help inspect, repair, replace, and maintain your home HVAC system. Contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today and schedule our service.