Air Conditioner Winter Care; Preparing A/C for Cooler Weather in Las Vegas NV

Seasoned Las Vegas dwellers know that just because the fall months are here, it doesn’t necessarily mean the A/C unit gets to head into hibernation. Eventually, however, we get to tuck in the air conditioning unit for the winter and convert to heat. Some homeowners are unaware of the proper steps to take during the fall to properly maintain and prepare the A/C unit for its idle months.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning recommends you take some time from your weekend to follow these steps to extend the life of your air conditioning unit and enhance efficiency.

Tend to the air conditioning filters. Your air conditioner will run more smoothly and competently if your filters are regularly changed. Dirty, clogged filters will smother air flow, decrease efficiency and strain your unit. Any air that makes it through the dusty barrier, will bring that dirt through to the evaporator coil and damage the heat-absorbing capacity of the coil itself. Replace the filters every couple of months.
Clean coils. Even with regularly replaced filters, the coils will still collect dirt, just not as quickly. Dirt insulates the coils thereby reducing airflow, lessening the ability to absorb heat. Avoid this issue and keep your coils clean. If you are prompt with air filter changes, checking your coils once a year should be sufficient.
Check for bent coil fins. Air conditioner coil fins need to be periodically inspected to make sure they haven’t been blocking the air flow. If you do notice some bent fins, there is a “fin comb” that can adjust the aluminum fins back to their original positions.
Clear away dirt and debris from your condenser unit. Make sure the surrounding area is cleared, trim overgrown foliage that encroaches on your unit, and sweep away any dirt, leaves and debris.
Cover condenser unit. Once the condenser unit has been properly cared for, place a protective cover over the top. Covering your unit will protect it from any undue weather and debris during the winter months.

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No one wants to be without an air conditioner when the summer months hit. By taking the time to prep the unit now, your air conditioning system’s life can be extended and run smoothly when the weather heats up. If you find you are in need of service to your air conditioning or heating systems, call upon Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning with your needs. An experienced professional can service your systems and better equip you for any seasonal changes.