Air Conditioner Trips Circuit Breaker Immediately or Keeps Tripping in North Las Vegas, NV

The temperatures outside are on the rise. The warmer weather has just begun and as time goes by the hotter it will get. The heater gets switched off and the AC is turned on. The problem is that if you have had your AC off for the last several months you are not sure what problems there might be. The unit will need to be checked, inspected, maintained and repaired to ensure that it is ready for the summer months. Nothing is worse than coming home on a hot day only to find the air conditioning is not running. The home will start to get hot fast which is not what you want to come home to. That is why inspections and maintenance are pertinent to the health of the unit. One of the reasons that the unit has stopped running may be due to the circuit being tripped. The breakers are part of the electrical system that is attached to any appliance or outlet that is pulling energy. They are part of the safety and security of the home so if your AC unit is tripping the breaker you need to know why. It is a bad idea to continue to reset it over and over. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning lists reasons your AC unit could be tripping the circuit breaker.

AC Compressor

If you have noticed that when your air conditioner starts up the breaker seems to trip it could be from your compressor. The main component of your air conditioning unit is the compressor and it requires a large amount of energy to get going. The amount of energy that it needs can be handled with the breaker but when the compressor gets old it starts to have problems. The older it is the more likely it will be to hard start. When the compressor hard starts the unit will pull even more energy that the breaker is not able to handle. The reaction is the breaker will trip. There are some repairs that can be done but often times the compressor needs to be replaced.

Air Conditioner Motor

The air conditioning unit is made to last for about ten years. That is if you are having the AC unit inspected and maintained. The unit has a motor that is able to run for hours at a time and for years and years. When the motor is used often, which is going to happen especially in the summer, it can start to break down the insulation that covers the wiring. This is what happens that leads to a short. The motor may run too hot and that will lead to the exposed wires too short and the circuit to trip. If you go and reset the breaker it will only happen again when the unit heats up. This can then lead to more damage. The wiring needs to be repaired and replaced.

Dirt In The Filters & Condenser

If you allow your filters to get too dirty it can lead to the breaker being tripped. The circuit can only handle so much and when the filter is so dirty that it is blocking the air flow the unit has to work overtime. Be sure you change out the filters to avoid the breaker being tripped. The part of the unit that is housed outdoors needs to be kept cleaned and cleared from debris as well. The debris needs to be cleared so the AC unit can cool off as it runs.

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