Air Conditioner Refrigerant Leak Symptoms in Seven Hills, NV; Ice on Evaporator Coils & More

To keep the home comfortable during the warm season the air conditioner is a necessary feature in your home. Until the air conditioner is not working efficiently or at all, most take it for granted. When people realize how important the air conditioner is it is usually when the warm temperatures rise, and humidity levels build. You can avoid many problems by implementing routine care and professional maintenance on a consistent basis, however, even with diligence, the air conditioner can have wear and tear from time to time. Where refrigerant leaks are a common problem, we at Air Supply Air Conditioning & Heating would like to touch on the subject today.

How Does Refrigerant Work in a Central Air Conditioning System?

You can generally decipher if the air conditioner is having problems, aside from it completely shutting down, with different smells, sounds, uneven temperatures, and other problems typically developing. Refrigerant leaks are one of the common issues many homeowners find wrong with their air conditioners. To keep the home cool, the refrigerant is a key ingredient. The heat from the air is removed, leaving the indoor air cool with this chemical that continuously cycles. The indoor unit of your air conditioner houses the evaporator coil as well as the refrigerant. As we mentioned earlier, during the process, the heat is pulled out from the air. The cooled air is redistributed throughout your home throughout the air ducts as the warm air the refrigerant collects is released. With the help of the fans of the outdoor unit, the condenser releases its heat that is dispersed outside.

Low Refrigerant Symptoms

When the refrigerant is low, the overall cooling performance of your air conditioning system is impeded. The cooling systems are designed to work when the units are properly charged or have specific refrigerant levels. Having low levels of refrigerant is never a normal event. Refrigerant continues to be cycled on a loop and is never consumed like gas or oil is. The unit was either not properly charged with refrigerant at the time of installation, or the most likely cause, the unit has a leak in the event the refrigerant is low. With the assistance of a professional that is required to resolve the problem, no matter the cause, the refrigerant can be recharged. Keep in mind, that only a licensed HVAC system service provider can handle refrigerant, and with the expense of a recharge, when there is a leak, you want the assurance the leak is properly sealed and repaired prior to the recharge. If the low refrigerant issue continues to go unaddressed, serious problems can develop in addition to the issues already stated such as the strain on the cooling system, the energy efficiency is significantly is reduced, and ice develops on the coil.

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If the refrigerant is leaking in your Las Vegas Valley air conditioner unit, you need the certified experts of Air Supply Air Conditioning & Heating to ensure the unit is properly inspected for refrigerant leaks so that our expert technicians can ensure they are efficiently repaired. Once the leaks are repaired, our team of professionals will recharge your air conditioner to the specific refrigerant levels required. Contact us today!