Air Conditioner Preventive Maintenance Tips in Henderson, NV; Cleaning, Lubricating, Refrigerant & More

When you buy a new car you take it for gas when it’s low, air up the tires, change the battery when necessary and make repairs when needed. That is because you have spent a bit of money on the car or truck and want to do all that you can to ensure that it works well. The same should go for your AC unit. This is an appliance that can cost quite a bit of money and as long as you take good care of it can last for up to ten years. It will not last the whole ten years if you have it installed and never check on it again. The car has maintenance and repairs that are needed and so does your HVAC unit. It is pertinent to do these inspections and repairs so that it continues to run and saves you money on your energy bill. Most people are not sure what goes into maintain your HVAC unit and therefore may not know why they need it. The great thing is that you can use one company to make all the inspections and repairs instead of using a different location for each area like your car.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning Lists Things that Occur When Your HVAC Unit Under a Maintenance Agreement

Air Conditioner Cleaning: One of the common reasons that an AC unit will stop working and has trouble with energy efficiency is from dirt and debris. The dirt can start to build up and cause blockage so that the air that is cooled cannot get to your home. That is why it is extremely important that your air conditioning unit is cleaned on a regular basis. The unit that is outside is the most common area that dirt is found and during a maintenance check these will be cleaned. They will also look over the fans and other parts that move and adjust them when needed. They may have become lose and needs to be tighten back before it starts causing damage.
Lubricate All Moving AC Parts: The parts of the unit that move need to be looked at for any adjustments that are needed and also need to be lubricated. When moving parts are not lubricated properly it can cause the unit to whine and make noise. It can also cause the unit to have to overwork and try to run more often to get the same amount of air in a longer amount of time. These parts need to be lubricated with an appropriate lubricant so the parts are able to move freely.
Electrical AC Connections: They also will take time to check the electrical connections that can over time become worn out. They may need to be replaced or repaired to keep the connection good so to not cause a potential fire hazard.
AC Refrigerant: Your unit will use some type of coolant or refrigerant that over time can start to drain out. This can be from a leak or from overuse. If you don’t have this checked occasionally your unit will not have the cooled air that you want. This is something that needs to be done by a professional because the chemical can be dangerous to use.

Air Conditioner Preventive Maintenance & More in Las Vegas Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

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