Air Conditioner Making Loud Rattling, Squealing, Banging, Popping or Other Noise in Spring Valley, NV

Now that the weather here in Las Vegas is consistently getting warmer you have probably turned your air conditioning unit on. Most of the time turning your air conditioning unit on is a fairly uneventful event. You turn it on and your house starts to cool down so that you and your family can feel comfortable in your home. Turning on your air conditioner may become more eventful if you have any problems arise. One issue that you may encounter is loud noises coming from your air conditioning unit. There are many different reasons that you may be hearing unwelcome noises from your air conditioning unit. Here at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning we frequently get calls from customers that want us to come out and check out air conditioning noises they are hearing. There are some common noises that we frequently run into.

AC Making Loud Rattling Noise

If your air conditioning is making a rattling noise there are a few different things that it could be. Most of the time it is caused by loose parts. If parts of your air conditioning unit are loose anytime your air conditioning turns on it will make noise. Simply tightening up the parts of your unit could easily fix the problem. Thankfully if you have a maintenance agreement with us we will tighten up all of your parts when we come out. You could also have twigs, leaves, or other items clogging your system. These items will need to be removed before the noise will stop.

AC Compressor Making Squealing Noise

Squealing is one of the most annoying noises that your air conditioning unit makes. If your unit is squealing when it runs it can disrupt you inside your home if it is loud enough. Many times the squealing is caused by your blower or fan motors. When they are starting to go bad they will squeal. Sometimes when you first turn your unit on you may hear squealing noises the first few times that it turns on. If it goes away after that there is no need to be concerned.

Air Conditioner Makes Loud Banging Noise

Banging noises coming from your air conditioning unit can also be super disruptive to homeowners. This banging is typically caused by a loose or broken part inside your compressor. You may need to have us come out and replace your compressor if you hear a banging noise. If you’re lucky it will only to be tightened.

Popping Noise from Central Air Conditioner

When your air conditioning first turns on or when it turns off you may hear popping noises coming from your ductwork. Popping noises are not typically caused by an issue with your air conditioning unit. They are normally caused by issues with your ductwork.

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No matter what type of noise that you hear coming from your air conditioning unit you will want to have it looked at right away. The longer the noise goes unchecked the more damage could possibly occur. Here at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning we can come out and take a look at what the problem is. We can help you address any issue that you may are having. Contact us today!