Air Conditioner Condenser Fan Motor Not Working in Henderson, NV? Troubleshooting & Fixing

There are lots of parts that make up your air conditioning unit. Each of the parts has a job that they are intended to do and they all need to work together to cool your home. One of the parts of your AC that should be cared for, maintained and repaired is the condenser fan motor. You want to make sure that you know what it is and what could go wrong with it. If there are any problems with the condenser fan motor it is important to call out a professional as soon as possible. This will stop the unit from being able to cool the house and getting you through the hot summer days. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning outlines what you should know about your condenser fan motor.

What is an AC Condenser Fan Motor?

If you look outside your house you will see the unit that is placed on the ground either on the side or back of the house. This is where the condenser fan motor is along with the rest of the condensing unit. The condenser fan motor is what will turn the fan blades that are there to cool the coils. The coils is where the air is actually treated and then sent back to the home. The motor is necessary to keep the entire unit working and functioning. You want to make sure that you notice there are any problems that you call out a professional. They can usually locate the issue when doing routine maintenance on the system.

Air Conditioning Condenser Fan Motor Getting Hot

One of the problems that homeowners have with their AC unit is with the condenser fan motor getting over heated. The unit is located outside and it is doing the majority of the work in the dead of summer. The great thing is that the motor can withstand around 150 degrees but if it reaches higher than that it can over heat. If the motor overheats it will stop working and the fan may stop working. Then the rest of the unit will not be cooled and will no longer be efficient. You want to make sure that you keep an eye and if it does overheat you have a technician out. You can try to create some shade for the unit during the hottest part of the day. The technicians can come out and make sure that there is not any more damage that needs repaired.

Condenser Fan Motor Not Working

There are other problems that can arise with your condenser is with the electrical connections. This can be repaired by a professional and checked to ensure that it is reconnected properly. You also can run not trouble if you do not have your unit maintained. The maintenance will include lubricating the moving parts. The fan needs to be lubricated to ensure that it can move smoothly.

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