Air Conditioner Condensation Drain Line Dripping Water? How to Clean & Unclog in Summerlin, NV

Your air conditioning unit is an appliance that is greatly appreciated and used in the hot summer months. The AC is what we use to cool down the home and have it at a temperature that is comfortable. The unit is usually off in the winter while the heater is taking care of the comfort. The problems with your air conditioning unit usually happen when you switch from heat to cool and that is the worst time to run into a problem. You are ready to cool down your home only to find that there is a problem that is making it so the unit will not function. The unit not only cools down the home but it also deals with the amount of humidity and moisture that is in the residence. This then comes out in the form of condensation. Central air conditioning units are outfitted to deal with condensation and have a drain that is used to get rid of the excess moisture.

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Symptoms Your AC Drain Line is Clogged: One of the main signs that your AC condensation drain has a clog is you will see the line dripping water. If you are sitting in your living room and notice that there is a drip of water coming from the second story you may have a problem. There is a line that is on the house somewhere that is a backup if the condensation drain has a clog. It is a backup and it means that there is a problem that needs to be remedied. The line is not to ever have water dripping and is only an emergency backup. The problem is often that the drain which is the first line of defense is clogged.
What Happens When Your AC Condensation Drain Is Clogged: When you have a clogged AC condensation drain you can have a slew of problems. One is that the line on the outside of the home will drip which can eventually cause some water damage to the home. You can also start to notice that your home will smell moldy and musty since the line is where the moisture is coming from.
How to Clean Your AC Drain Line: If you have signs that your AC condensation drain is clogged you want to start by turning off the AC unit. The water that is pooling up can cause further problems with the electrical elements in the unit. You want to locate the drain pan and if there is standing water you need to remove it. The best way to get the water off the drain pan is to use a form of suction which is easily done with a shopvac. The next step is to find the pipe where the water drains to and suction out whatever can be blocking the area. Use the hose on the shopvac to get what you can by placing the hose over the pipe and allowing it to run for several minutes. If you are not able to get the clog cleared out you can always contact a professional HVAC company to do maintenance on your unit.

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