Air Conditioner Calculator in Henderson, NV; Why Does it Cost So Much to Run My AC in Summer?

With temperatures on the rise and the end of summer nowhere in sight, it’s no wonder that your HVAC system accounts for almost half of the energy used within your home. Your air conditioning unit in particular is a complex piece of machinery that is comprised of an assembly of moving parts and components. Unfortunately these same components can become worn out affecting their ability to work correctly, increasing your utility bills and costing you your hard earned cash. If you have noticed that your utility bill is higher than usual contact the knowledgeable experts at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning to inspect your unit to determine the correct repair, replacement, or maintenance service.

Why Does My AC Cost More to Run this Year?

There are many reasons why your cooling system is costing you more to operate than in previous years including:
Air Leaks: Check your door, window frames and around your plumbing for leaks. These leaks can make a huge difference in the ability of your air conditioning system to cool your home. Even the tiniest of leaks can add up quickly making your AC system work much harder than it needs to and increasing your energy costs. Use caulk and weather stripping to seal air leaks around your property.
Central AC Thermostat: You may be surprised to learn that homeowners across the county are not using their thermostats correctly. While most families find a comfortable temperature to be around 78 degrees, many home and business owners believe their property will cool down a lot quickly if the thermostat is set at 72 degrees. Turning the thermostat down will place undue stress on the unit and cost you a lot more money to maintain.
AC Unit Needs Repairs: If your monthly cooling bills are constantly on the rise, it could be that your cooling system needs maintenance or repair. Contact your knowledgeable Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning specialist to schedule your comprehensive AC inspection. Once the inspection is complete, your Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning specialist may recommend repairs or replacement of the entire unit depending on the extent of the problem.
AC Unit is Aged: Even a well maintained cooling system will need to be replaced eventually. The average lifespan of an air conditioning unit is approximately 10-15 years. Even with a comprehensive maintenance plan, replacing your older equipment with a brand new high efficiency unit could help you save money especially long term
Dirty Air Filters: Your air filter is designed to protect the inside of your unit by acting as a catch all for dirt, debris and other antigens. When your filter becomes clogged, it will stop the air from flowing sufficiently through your AC system. When your system is overworked it puts stress on your unit causing it to work harder resulting in increased utility costs. Change your air filter on a regular basis and schedule regular maintenance appointments to preserve your system and keep it running at optimal performance levels.

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