Advantages of Forced Air Gas Furnace Installation Over Boiler Heating System Installs in Summerlin, NV

If you’ve never had to have service done on your heating system before you may be confused as to what type you have. Your heating system will either be called a boiler or a furnace and while most people use the two terms interchangeably, they are both very different. You need to understand what these differences are, how they are set up in your home and how they work to heat your home. Knowing this information will also determine what your options are when it comes to replacement. This will also allow you to understand how they need to be maintained.

How is a Furnace Set Up?

A gas furnace is also called forced-air heating. The metal ductwork in your home will move air from the air conditioner and heating system to vents through the house. While electric heaters are common in parts of the country, almost all furnaces use natural gas to light a burner. The burners will move through a heat exchanger and a blower fan pulls air from your house over the heat exchanger before moving it.

Boilers Set Up Explained?

While gas burners are still used with boilers, they heat a large tank of water rather than heating the air. This is called hydronic heating and the radiant heat exchanger that warms your house is known as radiant heating. The heat can be delivered in two different ways, pipes under the floor can heat the floors that will then heat the room or heat can be brought in from endpoints that are installed throughout the home. Endpoints can be radiators, baseboards or heaters. Some advantages of boilers are that they are very efficient because there are less moving parts that are needed to produce heat, boiler tanks last longer and they require less maintenance than other heating systems.

Advantages of Forced Air Furnaces

With the above advantages of boilers, furnaces have remained more popular for a few good reasons: the cost is lower when it comes to installation, most homes are set up with a furnace to begin with, especially if you have the ductwork already set up and if you have the right sized furnace installed, then today’s furnaces can be very efficient.

Heating Maintenance

Things to remember with either heating system:
• The area around the system needs to be clutter free and clean. Don’t make the area around it a storage area and don’t place anything near it that is flammable.
• To make sure you get maximum air flow you’ll need to keep registers, baseboards or radiators clean and free of any obstructions.
Inspections should be done once a year to have uninterrupted heating for your home

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