Adding a Second Central Air Conditioning Unit to Cool Your Two Story House in Sunrise Manor, NV

When a two-story home only has one air conditioning unit it can be hard to maintain a temperature that is comfortable for everyone and can be even more challenging if the home is older. There’s the option of having two units and it has its advantages but it may not be the best decision. There are factors that will determine if it’s a good choice. The age and design of the home is one and then there are the costs of buying an additional unit along with the cost of running it.

Considerations for Adding a Second Air Conditioning Unit

1. Cost. To begin with it will cost more money to buy two units instead of one. However, the cost may not be as much as you think. Every home will need either one large unit or two smaller ones for the whole house. The additional cost can be offset by the savings you will enjoy. The savings will depend on your home and the way you run your air conditioner.
2. Temperature. Older homes are challenging when it comes to maintaining a temperature that is even throughout. What usually happens is that the second floor ends up being a lot warmer than the bottom, leaving one area of the house toot hot or too cold. When you have a unit for each floor it makes it easier for the whole house to be comfortable.
3. Energy. When your home only has one unit it will have to keep the whole house cool even if there are areas that aren’t used as much. If you have two units then you can cool the first floor through the day and then turn it off at night. The upper floor can be cooled at night only. There is also the option of using a zoned air condition unit to enjoy energy savings.
4. Zoned systems. You can have a single unit installed that has two or more thermostats to make the home comfortable. When your home has a zoned system, it has dampers within the ductwork that will open and close to determine where the air will flow in the home and what the temperature will be. Traditional AC units work by forcing air to all parts of the home. There are energy savings you can enjoy with a zoned system over a regular single unit that will offset the additional cost to have it installed. The house will be divided into zones, usually upstairs and downstairs with separate thermostats that can be turned down or closed off to conserve energy.
5. Breakdowns. Should you have a failure of one of the units, you may be able to keep a comfortable temperature throughout the house with just one until repairs can be made. This is a great plus if you live in areas where summer temperatures are extreme.

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If you need to replace your air conditioner, determine if having two units will work for your house. It can lead to better home cooling and energy efficiency. You will be able to have a say as to how much energy you’re using and the cost that comes with it. If you want to save money without sacrificing comfort, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning to discuss your options. Give us a call today.