AC Facts & Myths in North Las Vegas, NV; Does Air Conditioner Unit Size Matter & More

There is no way to survive a Las Vegas summer without central AC. Surely, there are no homeowners that want to give it a shot, anyway. However, it is also true that cooling your home in the summer can be extremely expensive. This often leaves homeowners believing several AC money saving myths that end up costing them more money in the long run. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to talk about some of the most common myths that leave homeowners paying more to cool their home.

Myth 1: The Size of Your AC Unit Doesn’t Matter

When it comes to the size of your AC unit, the size of the unit itself, absolutely matters. You need to have the AC unit fitted to your particular home and its square footage so that you get the same cooling benefits without costing you more money in the long run. A unit that is the wrong size can lead to short cycling, premature wear and tear, and a home that doesn’t feel as comfortable as you would like.

Myth 2: Constant Temperatures Cost Less Than Fluctuating Temperatures When You’re Out of the House

Some people think that keeping a constant temperature in your home is the best way to save money on cooling costs. However, if you find that you’re away from the home for a minimum of 8 hours per day, you can see significant savings by raising the temperature 7-10 degrees while you’re away. These savings could be as high as 10% on your cooling costs.

Myth 3: Drastically Reducing the Temperature in Your Home Will Help It Cool Faster

If you are coming home to your house to find that it’s too hot inside, it can be tempting to crank the temperature down significantly lower than you normally keep your home so that the house cools off faster. That isn’t how it works though. Your home won’t cool off any faster than simply turning the thermostat down to the desired temperature does.

Myth 4: Ceiling Fans Help to Lower Your Home’s Temperature

Ceiling fans can be a great addition to any home because they can help you feel more comfortable without paying as much to cool your house. However, homeowners should know that a ceiling fan won’t actually help to lower the temperature of the home and will only help if feel as if it were cooler.

Myth 5: Running Your AC Until It Dies is a Good Idea

There aren’t many homeowners that are chomping at the bit to replace their AC system. In fact, most homeowners will avoid it at all costs. This can prove to be an expensive choice though. Around year 10 with your unit, the unit will start to significantly lose its efficiency.

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