AC Cycles On & Off Every 10 Minutes; Troubleshooting Central Air Conditioner Short Cycling in Summerlin, NV

One of the things you can count on is that the summer months mean the heat will come. The heat is a part of summer that most people love to see but also want to have a way to get out of. This is why there is always an uptick in HVAC work during the summer. People want to have their homes cooled down and that is why you need a good working air conditioner. The AC unit has to be working well to ensure that home is cooled and that you can come home and be comfortable. There are many types of calls that HVAC companies receive during the summer. Your AC unit has been sitting for months during the fall and winter and when you start using it again you will likely start to see issues. One of the issues that are commonly called about is called short cycling. Some people may not realize that short cycling is a problem and requires an HVAC technician to come out and make repairs. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning outlines what short cycling is and why it is bad for your AC unit.

What is AC Short Cycling?

There are some issues that you might not realize are problematic because the home is still being cooled and short cycling is one of them. The term means that your unit is running for a short time and shutting off then running again. This will happen over and over again through the day and won’t seem like the unit is running for very long at any given moment. The home will still feel like it is cooled but it is an issue if you happen to notice this happening.

How Do I Know if My AC is Short Cycling?

You should be able to tell that this is happening when you listen for the unit to start running and shutting off. The issue can be hard if you have a unit that runs quietly and doesn’t have any distinguishing sound when it is running. If you suspect that this is happening it is best to call an HVAC technician to come out and inspect the unit and determine what the problem is.

Is it Bad when AC Cycles On & Off Every 10 Minutes?

The question is if the unit is short cycling then what is the problem. You might be thinking that the house is being cooled so it can’t possibly be bad. The problem is that this is a major problem and can cause some major issues for your unit. The biggest problem is that the unit is not made to run in short spurts over and over again. This is actually a way that the unit can be worn out quite fast. This will mean that the unit that should easily last about ten years will need to be replaced much sooner than you think. The great thing is that usually short cycling is a sign that there is a problem that can be addressed and repaired to fix the problem.

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