2 Story House Central Air Conditioning Tips in Silverado Ranch, NV; Install Cost, Balance Point Temperature & More

It’s no secret that the summers in Las Vegas, NV are some of the most brutal in the entire U.S. The thought of making it through the summer without a fully functioning air conditioning system is unbearable. If you have a 2 story home that isn’t getting as cool as you need it to, to feel comfortable, you may want to consider a second unit. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to talk about the pros and cons that come with putting a second air conditioning system in your 2 story home.

Consider Cost to Install a Second Central Air Conditioner

You may think that running two air conditioning units sounds like it would come with a high cost. While purchasing the initial unit itself is costly, you may be surprised at how much additional coast may be. When you have two units in your home, you will have two smaller units rather than one large one. Using two smaller units to cool your home will help you keep it cool much more efficiently. This all depends, however, on how you run your air conditioning unit though.

Balance Point Temperature Settings

Often, two story homes are difficult to keep at one even temperature. The upper level is often much warmer than the lower. When you have two units in your home, you can regulate the temperature much better and the entire house will feel much more comfortable.

Energy Savings

When you have a single zoned air conditioning system in your home, you have to keep your entire home a specific temperature, all the time. When you decide to have two units installed in your home, you can cool the lower level while leaving the upper level warmer and vice versa. This can result in huge cost savings on your energy bill each month.

Backup AC Unit in the Case of System Failure

Air conditioning systems will at one point or another stop working. When this happens, it can be a scramble to get it fixed so you aren’t completely miserable. With two separate units, you won’t feel so much urgency to get the other replaced right away, since you may be comfortable enough with the one air conditioning unit that is remaining.

Consider an HVAC Zoning System

If you can’t have another air conditioning system installed in your 2 story home, you may want to consider the benefits of using a zoned system instead. With a single zoned system in your home, you can have many of the advantages of having two units without the upfront cost. Each zone in the house can be controlled to whatever your needs may be.

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If you are considering the idea of putting in a second air conditioning unit in your 2 story home, let the heating and cooling experts at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning answer any questions you may have. We can install a second unit in your home to help you keep your home as cool as possible this summer. Call us today!