With technology always improving in modern day times, you can expect it to touch all servicing trades and the air conditioning and heating industry is no exception. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning is excited to specialize in Mini-Split Systems, also known as Ductless Split Systems. Our team is always on the cutting edge of new training methods and techniques, simplifying solutions to give our customers quality services at affordable prices. Servicing the local businesses and residents of Las Vegas for decades, we are offering mini-split system services to our valued customers. Contact us today to learn how we can improve your indoor comfort and air quality!

How Does a Mini Split System Work?

Traditionally, an HVAC system keeps the booming compressor and condenser on the exterior of your home and this is the same with a mini-split system. The big difference is that the mini-split system eliminates the need for an interior evaporator unit and takes bulky ductwork out of the equation. Discreet wall mounted blowers will pump refrigerant directly from thin copper tubing instead. An extraordinary feature is that it has dual operation, working in reverse in the winter. It will absorb the heat pockets from the outside air and circulate it inside your home to provide warmth. This gives you efficient heating and cooling throughout the year.

Mini Split System Installation

Installation is simple. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning experts run copper tubing from a small 3-4 inch hole in the ceiling or wall which easily connects to the indoor and outdoor units. From the outdoor condensing unit, refrigerant is cycled through the copper lines into the interior unit, dispensing the air quietly and efficiently throughout the indoor structure. When getting your mini split system installed by Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning, you can expect quite a few advantages.

Benefits of a Ductless Split System

For starters, the energy efficiency is a huge benefit. Air ducts can potentially lose up to 40% cooling, where as the mini-split system is only a 5% loss. Increased efficiency equals lower cost on utility bills. Mini-split systems come equipped with individual zoning, which means you don’t pay to cool or warm a space that is not being occupied. You are able to heat or cool the selected areas, defraying cost on maintaining temperatures in an unoccupied space. Mini-split systems operate quieter. Compressors and motors create a lot of noise. Interrupting conversations, or missing out on a clever quip on your favorite comedy movie. Mini-split systems are ductless air conditioners that are simply comprised of an indoor and outdoor unit, for quiet and peaceful days. As mentioned before, there are no air ducts. Keeping air quality under control and eliminating the need for regular air duct cleaning services. Another benefit is the year round operational ability with the mini-split system’s versatility. Mini-split systems have warranties depending on the model you purchase, and can be discussed with a team member from Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning.

Mini Split System Service

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning enjoy making our valued customers a part of our family. With our superior services, including Mini-Split Services, and affordable prices, you will be keeping us programmed in your phone for easy contact on all your HVAC needs. We are licensed, insured and bonded; and are determined to satisfy each one of our customers indoor comfort requirements. Call us today for more details on getting you into a mini-split system today!