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Monthly Weather in Las Vegas, NV

In the Las Vegas, Nevada desert, knowing the weather conditions throughout the year on average can help you program your thermostat ahead of time. We have compiled the general weather conditions that occur in Las Vegas, Nevada in an effort to assist you with programming. Though the temperatures throughout the valley can register differently, the statistics noted here reflect the data gathered from McCarran Airport, just South of the strip.
January: Getting frost a few nights throughout the months, Vegas sees some cool weather in January. For those new to the city, the winter does not suggest snow; most nights it remains above freezing and snow isn’t expected.
Temperature: January average high is 55-61 °F and average low 37-42 °F.
Rain: Average 3 days of rain, receiving .5” of total precipitation.
Sun: Average 14 days of clear skies and 77% sunshine.
Humidity: Average 45% humidity.
Wind: Wind speed on average is 7.3mph. (Typically the lowest wind speed for the year.)
February: Though it isn’t saying much, February is generally the wettest month of the year. In Las Vegas, temperatures escalate quickly, and February tends to mark the time where temperatures dramatically increase.
Temperature: Average high ranges 59-66 °F with the average low 41-41°F
Rain: Average 4 days of rain with .8” of total precipitation.
Sun: 12 days of clear skies, the desert sees 81% sunshine.
Humidity: Average 40% humidity.
Wind: Wind speeds average 8.4 mph. (According to statistics, February is on average, the less windy in comparison to other months.)
March: March brings the warm weather, but not excessively so.
Temperature: 66-74°F is the average high and 47-52°F is the average low.
Rain: Average 3 days of rain with .4” of precipitation.
Sun: With an average of 14 days of clear skies, March averages 83% sunshine.
Humidity: 33% humidity.
Wind: 10 mph (March is generally one of the windiest months of the year.)
April: The beginning of the hot settling in; the air conditioning is definitely on.
Temperature: Highs average 74-82°F and average low 53-59°F.
Rain: With only 2days of rain on average, the average precipitation is .2”.
Sun: 16 days of clear skies, sunshine is around 87%
Humidity: 25% humidity.
Wind: 11 mph (April is on average, the windiest month of the year.)
May: May often introduces the 100°F plus heat, and gives local a real taste of the heat.
Temperature: The average high is 85-93°F with the low being 62-69°F.
Rain: May usually only has 1 day of rain with .1”.
Sun: 18 days of clear skies and 88% sunshine.
Humidity: 21% humidity.
Wind: Of the windier months, May’s winds average 10.7mph.
June: Rising scorching temperatures and an arid month, June receives the littlest mount of rain typically.
Temperature: 96-102°F is the average high and 72-77°F the low.
Rain: 1 day of rain and .1” of precipitation.
Sun: 93% sunshine and 22 days of clear skies.
Humidity: 17% humidity.
Wind: 10.7mph makes June one of the windier months.
July: The hottest month of the year; most days the temperatures are over 100°F.
Temperature: 102-107°F for average high with 78-84°F being the average low.
Rain: 3 days of rain on average, measuring .4” precipitation.
Sun: 20 days of clear skies and 88% sunshine.
Humidity: 21% average humidity.
Wind: The wind speeds average 9.9mph.
August: Still intense heat, staying in the over 100°F.
Temperature: Average high 100-104°F and average low 77-82°F.
Rain: .3” precipitation and an average of 3 days of rain.
Sun: 88% sunshine and 22 days of clear skies.
Humidity: 26% humidity.
Wind: 9.5mph winds.
September: Typically stays under 100°F, but not unheard of for it to hit it, but temperatures tend to go down slightly.
Temperature: 91-97°F average high with 69-74 being the average low.
Rain: Only 2 days of rainfall on average producing .3” precipitation.
Sun: 91% sunshine and 22 days of clear skies.
Humidity: 25% humidity.
Wind: Less windy compared to others; 8.9mph average speeds.
October: The last of the thunder storms, the heat dissipates by the end of the month.
Temperature: 77-84°F average high and 56-61°F average low.
Rain: 2 days of rain, produces an average of .3% precipitation.
Sun: 20 days of clear skies and 87% sunshine.
Humidity: 29% humidity.
Wind: A lesser windy month; wind speed average 8.1mph.
November: Like most months in the Vegas desert; November is mostly sunny and dry; with pleasant temperatures.
Temperature: 63-70°F average high and 44-49°F the average low.
Rain: 2 days of rain, giving us .4” of precipitation.
Sun: 16 days of clear skies and 81% of sunshine.
Humidity: Humidity averages at 37%.
Wind: Less wind compared to other months, speeds average at 7.7mph.
December: Coolest month of the year; a few nights have the potential to frost.
Temperature: 54-59°F average highs and 36-41°F average lows.
Rain: 3 days of rain delivering .5” precipitation.
Sun: 15 days of clear skies and 78% sunshine.
Humidity: 23% humidity.
Wind: December has the calmest wind on average for Las Vegas at an average of 7.3 mph.

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