Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning of Las Vegas, NV

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning have been known to care for our valued customers as though they were an extension of our family. Hiring only trusted professionals to care for your HVAC, we are the leading experts in our field. Las Vegas locals know it is important to have a dependable HVAC system, but just important it is also prudent to have an energy efficient system; especially for when summer starts early and fall ends late. Our home energy audit service might be just what you need to keep your utility bill in check.

Lost Air Flow & Leaking HVAC Ducts

There is a lot more to an HVAC system than a furnace, air conditioner and some air ducts. Though those are general components, there are a lot of fine tuning that goes on within the system to ensure everything is working efficiently and smoothly to give you superior comfort through controlled temperatures; without costing you an arm and a leg. With your HVAC system, unknown errors or damage could be causing you to lose air flow. Air ducts could be leaking air. Insufficient insulation along with outdated, unmaintained or even damaged furnaces and air conditioners could also be contributing to poor air flow. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning will come in and do a thorough audit on your HVAC system to see where you could be having issues, costing you excessively on your utility bills.

Basic Insulation Levels

Insulation is more important than most realize. Unfinished attic spaces and walls can allow optimal temperature air to escape outside. Leaving your unit to work overtime in trying to keep up with your preferred degrees. Not only does that cost on utility bills, but it also can contribute to your furnace or air conditioner expiring sooner than later. Our expert technicians at Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning check for adequate insulation in all the appropriate places during the home energy audit service to ensure your Las Vegas home is up to expectations.

Air Duct Inspection & Cleaning

Air Ducts over time will accrue build up, lending to obstructions. A clogged air duct means air flow is not circulating accordingly. With a clogged air duct, your equipment is being over worked, which will make your bills increase. Air ducts are also susceptible to leaks, through receiving damage or deterioration; air could be escaping before it reaches the appropriate location. During our home energy audit service, our experienced professionals ensure your Las Vegas home’s air duct system is running smoothly and has no contributing factors leading you to outrageous utility bills, or causing undo damage on your system.

Furnace & Air Conditioning Analysis

Furnace and air conditioning units keep our HVAC systems running year round. Whether you are in need of warmth or cooling, they are responsible for performance. If your furnace is outdated and not meeting energy efficient standards, running your HVAC system can be costing you much more than necessary. Inadequate maintenance or units running with damaged or deteriorating parts can be a major factor for having high utility bills. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning specialists have the expertise to perform a home energy audit service to make sure your furnace and air conditioning unit is in full operation to bring you optimal results.

Home Energy Audits

In addition to saving a substantial amount of money on your utility bills, a home energy audit service from Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning can save you money with new installations. You could even be eligible for rebates through state or federal programs when you upgrade to more energy efficient HVAC systems. Call us today to get you home energy audit service underway!