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Heating Troubleshooting Causes

When the cool temperatures move in, the Las Vegas locals adjust the thermostat to warm homes and businesses alike. If the furnace is inoperable, it can lead folks to feeling the bite of the cool air inside. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning has come to the rescue of commercial buildings and residential homes when the furnace is in need of assistance. As a result, we have compiled some common problems that need troubleshooting to get your furnace running in peak performance.

Common Business & Home Heating & Furnace Problems

Neglected heating maintenance services. Many folks overlook the annual maintenance service recommended to keep furnaces in top efficiency and fully functioning. Often as a result the furnace will experience unexpected breakdowns, and even major malfunctions.
Dirty air filters. The filters need a minimum of quarterly cleaning or replacing (if multiple pets, smokers or those with respiratory issues live in the home, filters should be inspected for cleaning or replacing every month). Air filters capture many airborne particulates and over time the filters become filthy and clogged causing the needed air flow to be restrained. The consequence is the furnace now has to work harder adding more exertion to the furnace and potentially causing additional damages.
Normal wear and tear. With anything operating with moving parts, normal wear and tear occurs, and in furnaces it can result in overheating or balancing heat control.
Pilot control or electric ignition issues. When the pilot or ignition is faulty, that will always mean trouble for the furnace.
Thermostat malfunctions. If the thermostat is not fully operational, the furnace cannot run properly.
Furnace refuses to heat. There are a handful of contributing factors to the furnace not working at all. Some may include; thermostat setting, power, gas, or pilot light.
Frequent cycling. If the furnace cycles between off and on modes it can indicate a clogged filter, improper airflow, or an improper thermostat setting.
Continuously running blower. The limit switch is often the source of this problem, and professionals need to be called upon for replacing.
Noisily running furnace. Abnormal sounds emanating from the furnace are generally the source of mechanical failure, airflow reduction, or clogged burner.

Tips on Emergency Furnace Repairs & Preventive Maintenance:
1. Change the air filters a minimum of every 3 months to ensure proper and unrestricted airflow.
2. Check the thermostat, in many cases simply replacing the battery is all that is needed.
3. If the furnace stops working all together, inspect the circuit breaker. Resetting the switch might be the solution.
4. Furnace problems such as; ignition, pilot light, mechanical issues, natural gas or propane faults should all be handled by a licensed and certified expert, along with maintenance and installation services.

Heating Troubleshooting & Emergency Repair Services in the Las Vegas Valley, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

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