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HVAC Air Duct Inspection

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning offers air duct inspection services to the commercial and residential owners throughout the Las Vegas, Nevada and surrounding areas. It is recommended that your air ducts are inspected annually for any signs of damage and contaminants that is bringing down the HVAC systems efficiency and indoor air quality. Because the air ducts are out of sight out of mind, it is often least suspected when a noticeable surge in the power bill manifests or the system is not operating at its full potential, but if the air ducts are not inspected and if need be, repaired routinely, those can be the symptoms. Over time, the air ducts in your Las Vegas, Nevada Valley home or business can easily accumulate debris, seals can loosen, tape and ducts can fall away, and under some circumstances, the air ducts can damage.

Symptoms of Leaking Central Air Ducts

Not only should your air ducts being inspected by an Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning Specialist, but they should also be checked if they are experiencing any of the following symptoms combined, or individually:
– Ducts that frequently clamor or rattle; because they are loose.
– Uneven airflow from the diffusers; caused by air leaks or fallen ducts.
– Unbalanced temperatures from the diffusers; due to duct insulation inadequacy.
– Buildup of debris discharge which is an indication of dirty ducts.
– Musty odors from duct airflow suggesting mold and mildew.
– Increase energy bills.
Leaky air ducts, and ducts not properly insulated waste energy and are major contributors to the poor indoor air quality. A comprehensive inspection performed by an Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning specialist can determine if the problems are in the ducts or elsewhere and ensure they are clean to improve the indoor air quality which affects allergies and asthma.

Check Openings of Air Ducts for Moisture, Mold & Debris

In between visits, you can do a quick inspection to see if your air ducts are suffering. Collect the following items to perform your own assessment of the air ducts: Flashlight, Smoke Pencil, and Proper Safety Wear as you will be in the attic or crawl space. From what you can see look for any signs of damage or inadequate insulation. If any insulation is wet or even damp it is considered damaged as it no longer maintains its R-Value. With your smoke system, flip on either the heating or cooling system as the weather dictates to find any air leaks at the duct seams. Assess the air ducts for any fallen or disconnected seams as well. Back in the living area, remove 2 or 3 diffusers and put the grille and air filter back on. With a flashlight, look into the air ducts and see if there is any debris or mold accumulating on the walls. Don’t forget to reassemble correctly. Lastly, inspect the evaporator coil, if any mold exists, chances are there is some in the ducts as well.

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If you find anything amiss or it is time for the annual air duct inspection, in your Las Vegas, Nevada home or business, call Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning today!

• Inspect the evaporator coil for debris, mold and mildew. If components are contaminated, you may expect the same or more of the ductwork.