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Common Air Flow Problems in Peccole Ranch, NV; Poor Ductwork Design or Insulation, Leaks, Duct Twist & More

You air duct system is essential as it circulates the conditioned air throughout your home. Much depends on the air duct system such as proper air circulation, efficiency and comfort. If the air duct system encounters problems your entire home comfort suffers along with your power bill. Regardless of the cold winter season or the…

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What to Do Before Turning on Central Air Conditioner to Switch from Heater in Inspirada, CA; AC Tune Up & More

Mild winters have us thinking about the warm months ahead. An inspection of your air conditioner can give you a head start on any problems there may be. Checking a few things can ensure you won’t have any issues when the warm temperatures push you to switch the thermostat to cooling. How to Prepare Central…

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Switching from Heating to Cooling Central Air Conditioning in Green Valley Ranch, NV; Starting AC After Winter

It’s that time of year in Las Vegas, where the green is sprouting and temperatures are getting comfortably warm. Where the valley has a problem deciding if it wants to stay in winter or jump start into spring, people may need to start using the air conditioner on the exceptionally warm days in the desert…

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Air Conditioning Numbers in Eldorado, NV; British Thermal Unit (BTU’s), Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) & More

Numbers, numbers everywhere but what do they mean? Look at tonnage, a number that refers to the cooling capacity of the unit. Tonnage is compared to the square footage of area to be cooled. Another factor is ambient outside temperature. The tonnage is related to the melting of ice. A one ton is related to…

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