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Air Conditioning Refrigerant in Aliante, NV; Purpose, R22 Freon Replacement, Repairing Harmful Leaks & More

Most folks know the basics about air conditioners in their homes. Refrigerant is one of the primary ingredients to producing cooler temperatures, and without it, you have nothing but warm air and a bunch of problems. Beyond knowing that it is included in central air conditioning, few know more. Today we at Air Supply Heating…

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Types of Indoor Pollution in Spring Valley, NV. Air Duct Cleaning Removes Mold, Dander & Contaminants

We equate pollution with plumes of smelly smoke coming out of factories or the exhaust that comes out of old cars. Could you ever imagine that indoor pollutants could be more dangerous than the pollution outside? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has determined that indoor air quality can be more than 100 times worse than…

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