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Air Conditioner Compressor Types to Remove Hot Vapor Refrigerant Caused by the Evaporator in Summerlin, NV; Reciprocating, Scroll, Screw, Rotary & Centrifugal

Your air conditioner unit uses air compressors to help remove the hot vapor refrigerant caused by the evaporator. In other words, the compressor is designed to compress and remove the hot air within your air conditioning unit to prevent overheating and eventual failure of your entire air conditioning unit. There are two classes of air…

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Attic Ventilation & Air Conditioner Efficiency in Las Vegas, NV; Need for Air Sealing, Do Fans Work to Help Prevent Condensation? Never Cover Soffit Vents & More

Several homeowners can say they have never stepped foot inside their attic. Why would you want to spend time up there anyway? The air is very hot during the summer which leaves you miserable. Many people have allowed professionals to go up there when they are experiencing problems with their HVAC system for repairs, but…

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