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Residential & Commercial Air Duct Cleaning; How Often Should Your Duct Work Be Cleaned in North Las Vegas, NV?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has not fully weighed in on air conditioning duct cleaning for the home. The knowledge base for duct cleaning is still in its infancy. The case for commercial duct cleaning however is supported by reducing the number of incidents like Legionnaire’s disease. Air duct cleaning removes mold, dust, dander, contaminants…

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Effects of Humidity on Air Conditioning & Heating Performance; Benefits of Ideal Level Whole House Humidifiers in Summerlin, NV

During colder weather, we turn on our heating systems which causes the air to become dry. Regardless of where you live, humidity levels in the air will have an impact on the comfort levels in your home. Humidity also has a lot to do with the way your heating and air conditioning unit functions. Humidifiers…

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Is It Time To Modernize & Upgrade Your Commercial Central Air Conditioning Unit in Las Vegas, NV to a Newer, More Energy Efficient Model?

If you manage a business or commercial building then you know that keeping up with the maintenance can be quite a challenge. There are many areas that need to be looked over and inspected to ensure that they are in working order. When there is a mechanical problem at your building it is a big…

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