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Heating Preventative Maintenance Tips in Las Vegas, NV; Ductwork Evaluation, System Cleaning & Lubing, Furnace Inspection & More

When it comes to properly caring for your home, there is truly much to do, luckily, simply keeping up on maintenance to your home is a year round job, and is never ending. The HVAC system is important that it gets its maintenance. Just before you are ready to start using the heating system, it…

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Gas Furnace Troubleshooting in Henderson, NV; Not Turning On, Won’t Ignite, No Heat, Flame Sensor, Blower Problems & More

In Las Vegas, there aren’t as many months that your furnace is on, unlike other areas of the country. After your furnace has had that 6 to 8-month break, you may notice that when you turn it on, you aren’t getting the warm results you were after. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like…

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Indoor Air Solutions Air Duct Cleaning Process Explained in North Las Vegas, NV; Health Problems Caused by Mold & Dust

Air duct cleaning is one of those out of sight, out of mind chores that often go undone or go way longer in-between cleanings. However leaving your air ducts dirty can, and most likely will, have a negative impact on your air quality. The young, elderly and those with respiratory problem suffer the most from…

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Don’t Make These Home Heating Mistakes This Winter in Summerlin, NV; Turning Heat On & Off, Ramping Up Thermostat Too Fast & More

We all know the HVAC unit consumes a lot of power especially in Nevada during the summertime. We try to find ways to save money during those hot summer months. As the cooler temperatures set in, it’s easy to become lax in our efforts to save money. However there are many mistakes people do during…

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