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Central Air Conditioner Troubleshooting When AC Not Working in Las Vegas, NV? Check Your A/C Filter, Switches & Plugs!

Is your air conditioner having problems lately? For many homeowners this can be bad news. Especially those here in the desert. Before completely panicking, you may want to try troubleshooting the problem yourself. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning has a few basic steps, and tips to help you avoid spending your money unnecessarily. Air…

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How Do Clothes Dryer Fires Start? Common Signs You Need to Hire a Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Business in Las Vegas, NV?

It isn’t usually common knowledge that by neglecting to clean your dryer vents, you may be creating a fire hazard in your home. There are over 15,000 fires every year that start as a result of clogged dryer vents. Not only is it a fire hazard, but carbon monoxide poisoning is a common result of…

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