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How to Keep Cool While Waiting for Emergency AC Repair in Las Vegas, NV; Turn Off the Air Conditioner, Change the Air Filters, Turn on Fans & More!

One of the very worst things to come home to is an air conditioning unit that is no longer working. The summer heat is unbearable and the AC is necessary to stay indoors and keep yourself cooled off. If the air conditioning unit stops working, the heat will take over your home extremely fast. If…

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How to Troubleshoot & Solve All of Your HVAC Problems in Las Vegas, NV; Air Conditioner Not Cooling Due to Faulty AC Wiring, Fan or Low Refrigerant

Temperatures are rising fast. We are well on our way into triple digit temperatures for the next few months. Keeping your home cool during these extreme temperatures is necessary when it comes to making home life comfortable. It is this time of year that many homeowners realize that their air conditioning unit is not working…

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Why is My Las Vegas, NV Air Conditioning Unit Leaking Freon? Leak Detection, Causes & Emergency AC Repairs

Being without an air conditioning unit can be most taxing, especially if you live in scorching deserts like Las Vegas for example. Having your air conditioning fully operational is essential, but like anything with moving parts, malfunctions can happen. A very common problem is when the refrigerant, or Freon leaks, rendering your air conditioning unit…

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Emergency Air Conditioning Problems that Should Be Repaired Right Away in Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV; Uneven Temperature or Not Cooling Enough

If you live somewhere like Las Vegas, Nevada that the temperature in the summer reaches to an unbearable degree, than you know how important a working air conditioner is. The AC is a system that uses a refrigerant to cool the air and pull out the hot air from the house. This is the best…

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